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Meet Josh Nova. His songs are technicolor, neon, electro-pop dance hits infused with all the elements to create a sound that will take you on a journey to a galaxy far away. As a producer, songwriter, dancer, multi-instrumentalist and costume designer, Nova navigates  all aspects of his creative works from conception to launch. He began writing and producing music in 2005 and adopted his stage name in 2016 when he was looking to reinvent himself. Fast forward to 2021. His approach encapsulates being stuck home with nothing but your music and your machines. Nova steps out with new songs and his first series of music video productions all produced amidst the pandemic. “It's not what I had in mind but sometimes you have to work with what you have.” His debut album, is a fusion of pop, electro-dance, R&B, soul and EDM. He drives home catchy melodies and beats in a modern 2020 kinda way that brings a smile to your face. “I wanted this album to have a little something for everyone, so in making that happen there wound up being a lot of genre hybrids.” If the world is weighing you down, float away with Antigravity, an uplifting pop song about the power of love. Or sing along to the super catchy song MEOWT that we can't seem to get out of our heads. In 2019 he released a series of mixes from the album to see how they would perform amongst fans. This was his process for choosing the first single and video for a track called “the battle”. A song about struggles with addiction and other world wide conflicts. “ I think there really couldn't be a better time to release this song considering all that’s going on in the world.” It really feels like Nova is right here on the journey with you coming from a humbled down to earth space makes it easy to relate. The full album is expected in fall of 2023. For his latest works, follow him on social media and check in on

The Battle (Album Version)Josh Nova
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MEOWT (World Pride Mix)Josh Nova
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