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05.26.23     IceDick Single & Music Video Release

Hey Everyone! The Icedick Single is Available on All Platforms Now! Please add it to your playlists and setlist. Check out the Animated Music Video Below. OOO also just joined tik Tok even though I said I wouldn't. It's actually really fun. Find me on there @iamjoshnova  XO

10.23.21    Live Acoustic Set in New Paltz Tonight! See link below for tickets to attend online or in person! This will be my first time playing in front of a live audience in over two years. Im so excited to perform and see you there!

4.20.2021      OFFICIAL "Don't Say" Music Video Single

4.19.2021    Josh Nova Debuts Brand New Music Video for "Don't Say" at 4:20 AM His Reggae infused pop smash celebrates the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana in the state of New York.


3.12.2021    New Interview with Kat Spina on the Engaging the Muse Podcast Show

2.28.2021 Hey Everyone! Check Out The Music Video For My New Single "THE BATTLE!

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